2020 Hoshi Matsuri / Star Enshrining Prayer



Hoshimatsuri 星祭 2020 Star Chart and Application Form

Based upon the movements of the Sun and the stars, we have established a year to be 365 days, a week to be seven days, a day to be twenty-four hours. Our ages and customs of daily living are dependent on these cycles. The phases of the moon are used to create the lunar calendar and the movement of the Sun determines our present calendar. The heavenly bodies have been inseparably tied with our lives.

Ancient astrology has determined the Seven Stars (Shichiyo) and Nine Stars (Kyusei) and the 28 constellations (Nijuhachi Shukusei). Shingon Esoteric Buddhism has integrated the dynamics of these heavenly bodies into the ritual called Hoshi Matsuri, “hoshi” meaning stars and “matsuri” meaning to enshrine. Prayers are offered to achieve the following:

Sokusai- ho:  Safe living, avoiding accidents.
Zoyaku-ho:  Increasing good fortune and merits to make our living affluent.
Enmei-ho:  Maintaining good health and attaining longevity.

Always we yearn for good health and good fortune, but it is not easy even to maintain matters around you in the same state. Environments are changing second by second. You can never be independent from everything surrounding you. Therefore please attend the Star Matsuri Prayer Service to build good relationships with heavenly bodies and deities who are quietly corresponding with your life this year.

The Hoshi Matsuri Prayer Service for the Year 2020 will be held on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9th at 12 Noon at the Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple, 1518 S. Washington Street, Seattle, WA 98144.

Application form is enclosed for your convenience. The special amulet according to your guiding star will be made through the ritual. Please fill the application form (especially the # of the star, your name, and date of birth) and return it to the temple by Tuesday, February 4th via mail or Email. Thank you.

Phone: (206) 325-8811 Email: contact@seattlekoyasan.com

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