Our Meditation Schedule

Meditation TypeDayTime
ChantingSunday12:00 pm PT
Goma Fire Ritual 護摩Last Sunday of the Month12:00 pm PT
Moon Meditation / Gachirin-kan 月輪観Monday6:00 pm PT
Moon Meditation / Gachirin-kan 月輪観Wednesday1:00 pm / 6:00 pm PT
Moon Meditation / Gachirin-kan 月輪観Saturday9:00 am PT
Real Full Moon MeditationSee Calendar
Services are available in person at the temple or by video call from the comfort of your own home. To attend our meditation services online, please sign up for free through our Eventbrite page.

About Meditation at Seattle Koyasan

The purpose of meditation: peace of mind
Meditation is perfectly suited to people who want to relax. You will be able to sleep better at night. Coming to the temple to enjoy a calm interlude will allow you to go home refreshed and have energy for the next day. The priest will not be angry even if you fall asleep and snore while meditating. It’s important to get used to the dreamlike state, as you’ll find when you try it.
You don’t have to struggle with hard training

When you begin meditating, you may get glimpses of something deep within, but there is no need to throw yourself into it. Keep on doing it casually, to replenish your energy for your everyday life. All living things are made new every moment. Each time we reach a conclusion, we must come to terms with the aging and suffering of our new self. Priests are the same, and no matter how much they have trained, they become new every moment just like other people. Sit with us and enjoy the experience of welcoming your new life. The priest will teach you how to breathe, how to sit, and what to think of as you sit.

Your first meditation

Some people may already have experienced forms of meditation, but Shingon meditation is different from other forms: please try it first at a temple. One experience at a temple will give you reassurance for your practice thereafter. If you attempt to meditate based on what you read in books, you may misunderstand something without ever realizing you have done so.

Breathing affects one’s emotional state.

Breathing affects one’s emotional state. You breathe harshly when angry, and gently when relaxing. In the same way, you can control your emotional state by mastering your breathing. The breathing method which the priest will teach you when you meditate is different from normal breathing, as you will find when you experience it. This alone will allow you to relax effectively.

How to sit

The human body suffers pain when constantly in the same position. First you must get used to sitting. The trick to it is balance. If you can find your body’s balance, you will be able to sit in the same position for a long time after just a little practice. However, at first it’s better not to worry too much about how you sit, but to find a position in which you can breathe easily. You can sit in a chair if you like. As you get used to it, your back will naturally straighten to allow you to breathe deeply.

What to think of as you sit

Follow the directions of the priest. The method of meditation changes according to the other person’s condition. The priest will determine the best meditation for you on the spot, and guide you accordingly.

What is Buddhist meditation, anyway?

meditation2Meditation is considered extremely important in Buddhism. Precepts to the earth, meditation to the trees, and the wisdom of the Buddha to their fruit, we explain that enlightenment cannot be reached without meditation. Buddhist meditation is guiding your heart to a quiet state by focusing your consciousness on a single thing, and observing the truth from that state through the Buddha’s teachings. There are various groups within Buddhism. Each group has passed down its own techniques of meditation and created its own system. Among these, Zen and Vipassana are famous forms, but we also have our own traditional form of meditation, called “Ajikan.” Meditation experience at Seattle Koyasan Try it at first without thinking too hard about it. You can’t taste an apple from looking at it or reading about it. Meditation at Seattle Koyasan is led by the priest, so there’s nothing to worry about even for first-timers. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to participate in meditation. It lasts about forty minutes. Some people find it a long time, but for many people the time seems to pass without their noticing it.


meditation3Clothing: We recommend clothes that are easy to move in. If you choose a particular meditation outfit, then just changing into it each time will help you move into your meditation frame of mind. If it’s tiresome to change, then just loosen your belt. It’s a bad influence for your circulation to be constrained. It’s also better to avoid wearing a skirt, as you will sit with your legs open. Feelings: You must not obsess over what you think about during meditation. When it’s finished, take away only that washed-clean feeling and leave everything else at the temple as you go home. This will lead to fresh energy for the next day. Other types of meditation are available by appointment or will be offered on our upcoming events page.