Where:Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple
When:See Schedule
Class NameDates
SanskritJune 10th, 2014
Heart Sutra CopyingAugust 25th, 2014

Sanskrit Class

clases1Our mission at Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple is to serve the community. A foundation of this mission is sharing Buddhist wisdom. Peace of mind and compassion for ourselves and those around us is the goal.

The Buddha made a point to teach in the language of local people, but over time Sanskrit became a very important language to Buddhism, as it is in all Indian religions. Sanskrit is widely regarded as a profound philosophical language. In addition, many important aspects of services at Seattle Koyasan originate in Sanskrit.

The class is being taught by Devananda Sensei. The Venerable Bhante Dr. Bokanoruwe Devananda was ordained in 1967 in the Theravada tradition, and received M Phil and a PhD in Buddhist social studies from the University of Delhi, India.

Please read more about the Venerable here. Suggested Donation – $15 for non-members, $10 for members