Mandala Symphony for Black Lives Matter

“Mandala Symphony for Black Lives Matter”
A Practice to Heal Wounds and Seek a Brighter Future
Zoom Meeting Every Monday at 6:00pm Pacific Time – Free and Open to All
JOIN HEREhttp://seattlekoyasan.eventbrite.com

         Every Monday at 6:00pm Pacific Time, Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple offers a live-streaming “Ah”-breathing meditation practice led by our resident minister, Rev. Imanaka Taijo.  Participation is free and open to all. We now dedicate this practice to those with a serious determination to terminate racism, seeking to express empathy in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.  Buddhism and Seattle Koyasan can play a role in embracing the wounds Black people have suffered for over 400 years.  This temple’s strongest point is prayer:  a single, sincere prayer to convey compassionate energy to all.

Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple wishes to offer a safe space in which to fully extend compassion.  Please join us each Monday evening at 6:00pm for “Mandala Symphony for Black Lives Matter: A Practice to Heal Wounds and Seek a Brighter Future.”  We will use the practice of “Ah” meditation to join together in a mutually-supportive effort to unmute and show ourselves.  People from different walks of life, different skin colors, and different aspirations will share the Zoom screen like Buddhas in a mandala, generating compassionate energy for the world.

This meditation seeks to convey the vibrations of the entire body; your throat, muscles, bones, guts, eyes, skin ….  The sound expresses the symphony of the entire body.  “Ah” is also representative of the vibration of Dainichi Nyorai / Mahavairocana, the Cosmic Buddha, who is the life of the universe.

With this practice, we create  a “symphony” of sound and compassion.  It is a symphony because, like the various instruments of an orchestra, we have different “shapes” in the physical world.  By uttering “Ah …” we flow out from our shapes.  As a vibration, we harmonize with all the other vibrations flowing out from other “shapes”; not only human beings, but trees, stones, mountains, the Earth, other planets, and even the stars: all vibrate.  Finally, we circulate all over the universe as the one universal life.  This is the universal symphony.

“Mandala Symphony for Black Lives Matter”
A Practice to Heal Wounds and Seek a Brighter Future
Zoom Meeting Every Monday at 6:00pm Pacific Time – Free and Open To All

Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple opposes racism in any and every form, and we support those working to end systemic discrimination.  We offer heartfelt prayers for healing and peace.

Temple Closure and Live Streaming

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 Seattle Koyasan has decided to suspend all regular temple activities until further notice.

Instead, we will be LIVE STREAMING from the temple in the weeks to come.

JOIN HEREhttp://seattlekoyasan.eventbrite.com


To join the LIVE STREAMING event online, please go to Eventbrite to register and click on Live Events (the cost is free, or you can make a donation if you like):

Here are the upcoming events:

Meditation – Saturday at 9am (US Pacific Time)

Regular Service – Every Sunday at 12:00pm Noon (US Pacific Time)

Goma Fire Service – May 31st (SUN) from 12:00pm to 1:30pm (US Pacific Time)
Prayer Stick (Goma-gi) / $5.00 each.
Please Email your Prayer to be written to: contact@seattlekoyasan.com

Goma-gi prayer sticks for the Goma Fire Service are available for purchase ($5.00 each) prior to the Service. These are wooden sticks upon which to write a prayer or request; they are added to the ritual fire as an important part of the celebration of compassion and the burning away of sufferings during the Goma Fire Ceremony. You can send your wish to Seattle Koyasan via email to contact@seattlekoyasan.com


電話(206)-325-8811 Eメール contact@seattlekoyasan.com



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